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From optimizing your existing operations to assessing new capital projects, LIDD helps manufacturers, distributors, brands, and investors design supply chains for the long-term.

Our clients seek our expertise to achieve inventory accuracy, ship orders on-time and in-full, accelerate month-close, understand costs in detail, achieve visibility and reliability in external supply chains, invest capital appropriately to enable future scale, and many other reasons.

Our multi-disciplinary teams conduct audits and gap assessments, present management with strategic recommendations, and partner with front-line staff to implement solutions. In all our mandates and at every step of our work, we are driven by data and provide rigorous justifications for every capital investment.

How LIDD can help

Uncovering Opportunities: Processes, Infrastructure and Technology.

The key to a resilient supply chain rests in a company’s capacity to consistently adapt its infrastructure and processes. Identifying the right opportunities for process improvement, integration, and investment is essential.

Driven by millions of lines of operational data and thorough surveys of a supply chain’s technology and physical assets, our analysts identify bottlenecks and deficiencies in your planning, manufacturing, and distribution operations and uncover opportunities to better integrate your value chain. We develop roadmaps that include recommendations and list multiple solution scenarios as well as detailed models of cost, timeline, and operational impact.

LIDD’s recommendations enable our clients to achieve targeted improvements or broad transformation with clear expectations.

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Capital Projects and Automation

Distribution and manufacturing companies are increasingly considering automated and robotic systems in their operations. Supply chain transformations of that magnitude entail significant capital investment and unavoidably cause disruptions in a company’s activities. Whether a project of that nature is adapted to a company’s reality must be determined with rigorous scrutiny. Meanwhile, more modest investments in the appropriate business or warehouse management software can yield significant productivity improvements and, in many cases, ought to be considered a valid alternative to automation.

LIDD helps distribution and manufacturing companies right-size their capital projects. Our experts know that it is essential to evaluate all capital projects relative to your company’s current size, financial strength, and projected growth. Our deep project experience in North American and Asia gives us a wide lens of best practices, risks, and opportunities. We dig deep into operating models and identify and evaluate alternatives to arm boards and executives with options. We manage strategic planning processes for infrastructure enhancements and develop long-term roadmaps for supply chain transformation.

Distribution Network Design and Outsourcing

Each of your manufacturing and distribution sites are key enablers of your ability to serve customers across all channels. Whether self-operated or outsourced, each node in your network has a throughput, storage and pick face capacity, and each facility sits on a site with a fixed capacity to expand.

LIDD combines data modeling, operational assessments and financial analysis to build your optimal network. Our state-of-the-art technology and proprietary algorithms help lead manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to success.

We partner with management to build self-operated, outsourced, or hybrid supply chain strategies, and lead rigorous selection processes for contract manufacturers and outsourced distribution centers (3PLs), when necessary. Our experts have extensive knowledge of the North American market, which allows them to identify potential partners and vet them. Our teams’ experience enables them to produce detailed models of annual operating cost and risk. We write and manage RFPs, recommend partners, and supervise migration into new facilities.

Ask LIDD experts how they can help you reduce your operations and transportation costs.

Due Diligence: Acquisition and Exit Planning

Any plan to buy or sell a consumer products company should carefully consider the strategic impact of supply chain investment. LIDD conducts assessments to model the effects of potential infrastructure and technology investments.

We identify major opportunities to impact margin & throughput and create new strategic capabilities. We then prioritize options by cost, return, timeline, and business disruption. Our models include detailed action plans, ready to implement pre- or post-transaction.

For acquirers, we audit infrastructure, assess claimed capabilities, interview management, and evaluate master and transactional data to produce insights. Our models drive valuation and our experience with thousands of operators enables us to identify risks and soft issues.

Leverage LIDD’s supply chain intelligence to safeguard the financial future of your organization against unnecessary risks.


Meet our team

Read Sean’s Bio

Sean Butler Managing Director
Sean Butler Managing Director

Sean Butler is the managing director of LIDD’s Los Angeles office. He leads LIDD’s global Demand Chain and Strategy Practices. Sean is an expert in the consumer products & retail industries.  

At LIDD, Sean advises boards and executives on supply chain reorganization, including strategies for the selection and implementation of new software systems, distribution centers, 3PL partners, and organizational structures. Sean also works to identify acquisition and merger targets, and to manage the efficient integration of supply chains, pre- and post-closing. Sean advises large CPG and retail companies on process and organizational integration with start-ups, as subsidiaries and/or commercial partners. 

Prior to his career in consulting, Sean was instrumental in the design and scale of key innovations in the consumer products and retail industries. He served as Senior Vice President at meal kit company Chef’d, Head of Operations, Partnerships & Business Development at Purple Carrot, the leading plant-based meal kit brand, and in key leadership roles at LeanBox, the unattended workplace foodservice retailer. 

Sean holds a BS in Finance from Fordham University. 

Read Jennifer’s Bio

Jennifer Hall Director
Jennifer Hall Director

Jennifer has executed numerous distribution center design, expansion and implementation projects focusing on food, beverage and consumer goods. Her work involves helping clients design, justify and implement facilities’ infrastructure, e-commerce platforms and meal-solution operations. Jennifer holds a degree in Civil Engineering from McGill University.   

Read Jasmine’s Bio

Jasmine Joseph Project Manager
Jasmine Joseph Project Manager

Jasmine works with operational data to drive strategic recommendations and improve warehouse and/or network operations for companies in retail, manufacturing and distribution sectors. She has successfully managed projects that help companies grow their business and deliver mandates on time. Jasmine holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Toronto. 

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