What Can Supply Chain Experts Do for Private Equity Firms?

Private Equity firms are operating in a frenzied market where disruptions have become the norm and competition is fiercer than ever before. This is especially true in the middle market, where 1,721 acquisitions were made for a total value of $264.4 billion in the first half of 2021 alone.

Nearly 4,000 PE firms are operating around the globe with just about a trillion dollars of dry powder on hand. In such a market, operating partners must redouble their efforts to efficiently transform their Portco’s operations and achieve their investment objectives.

LIDD Consultants is a global leader in the engineering of world-class supply chain operations. From the design of facilities and material handling equipment to network analyses to technology solutions, our Supply Chain Experts bolster a PE firm’s capacity re-organize and optimize their core assets.

At LIDD, we help Private Equity firms select and implement infrastructure solutions that:

All recommendations made by LIDD’s Supply Chain Experts are based on capital justifications and are designed to accelerate your portfolio’s performance.
Leverage our industry expertise and discover a clear path to growth.

How LIDD Helps

PE firms hire LIDD to develop roadmaps and implement infrastructure solutions that maximize the performance and value of their core-companies. Our teams have successfully completed more than 450 projects over the course of the last decade, notably in these industries:

Consumer Goods

Food & Beverage

Retail & eCommerce

All of LIDD’s services are based on rich quantitative models of our clients’ operation. Our engineers, designers, and technology experts work in close collaboration with our client’s operations team to build recommendations that are aligned with their overall operating model.

LIDD’s supply chain experts help PE firms across the entire investment lifecycle with products and services such as:

Industry Expertise PE Firms Can Rely On

In a highly competitive market, deep sector and subsector expertise is a key differentiator between leading PE firms and the ones that are trailing. Even the richest set of data will only yield mediocre strategies if the expertise is lacking to collect the right information, analyse it, and draw valuable insights from it.

Practice leaders at LIDD have decades of experience engineering efficient operations and maximizing ROI for companies in the Consumer Goods, Retail, and Food & Beverage industries.

LIDD’s Supply Chain Experts leverage their experience and sector expertise to help PE firms with portfolio assets in these industries achieve their strategic objectives. Our experts offer a range of solutions and services, such as:

Portfolio Optimization Roadmap

  • Implement the industry’s best practices, integrate your core-companies into one efficient network, and define an infrastructure investment strategy that shortens time to value.

Four Wall Improvements

  • Optimize your facilities’ layout and material handling equipment
  • Select and implement automation solutions adapted to your operation, industry, and available capital

Digital Transformation Roadmap

  • Identify technology solutions suited to your industry. Understand the implementation schedule. Rely on LIDD’s experts to achieve the selection, implementation, and integration of best-in-class technology solutions (ERP systems, WMS, MES, etc.)

Strategic Investment Recommendations

  • Leverage LIDD’s industry expertise to strengthen your portfolio’s performance: identify carveouts, assets to divest, and potential addons.
  • Benefit from industry experience before, during, and after M&As, carveouts, divestments, and infrastructure implementations.

Due Diligence & Exit Planning

  • Perform thorough supply chain infrastructure audits and leverage LIDD’s knowledge of the industry to assess claimed capabilities, evaluate current management, and produce rich insights from master and transactional data.
  • Develop quantified models that include detailed action plans, pre- or post-transaction.

Technology Solutions for Efficient Portfolio Operations

At LIDD, we strongly believe that, to meet their objectives, PE firms should speed up their transition from analog to digital, both across their portfolio companies and within the firm itself.

LIDD’s technology practice deploys a holistic approach and capital protective philosophy with only one goal in mind: to maximize ROI for every dollar invested. Our recommendations for technology solutions are always specifically tailored to a PE firm’s portfolio requirements. Our experts develop recommendations and quantified models of future states that feed the efforts of operating partners as they plan for the next 4 to 7 years and prepare for the best possible exit strategy.

Well aware that time is of the essence for PE firms, LIDD’s teams always favor aggressive delivery schedules. To operating partners, a rapid and flawless implementation means faster time to market, quicker ROI, and accelerated time to value.

Warehouse racks next to testimonial

“We had the good fortune of meeting the LIDD team. LIDD is extremely responsive with their turnaround time. They always meet what sometimes appear to be unrealistic timeframes. And the quality of the work is far beyond what we could get elsewhere.”

Mark Moore, President at CMC Design-Build

Our teams of analysts, engineers, and developers manage the selection, implementation, and integration of technology solutions that deliver:

Read more about the products and services provided by LIDD’s technology experts.

Industry Focused ERP Solutions

Manual data entry and spreadsheets slow down business processes and lead to unreliable data and KPIs. Ultimately, such clerical processes rob GPs of precious visibility into their portfolio’s health, which severely limits their ability to achieve their investment goals.

An ERP system gives PE firms the means to streamline their operations and obtain the kind of reporting they need to maximize their agility on the market.

However, the success of an ERP solution at your firm or in your companies heavily depends on the implementor’s ability to configure the system to your operation’s specific requirements and to integrate it with your current software architecture. Short of deep sector expertise, an ERP’s implementation is likely to be flawed, which will result in frustrating business processes, poor user acceptance, and limited benefits at best.

LIDD’s Technology Practice focuses on specific industries to deliver finely tuned business solutions that maximize the ERP’s impact on your entire operation.

With LIDD as an implementation partner, PE Firms with Portco’s in the Food & Beverage, Consumer Goods, Retail, and eCommerce industries benefit from the knowledge and know-how of highly specialised and experienced experts. They also benefit from a multidisciplinary approach that delivers far more than a generic ERP solution.

LIDD involves industrial engineers and cross-functional supply chain experts from its Design and Strategy practices in all ERP selection and implementation projects. Being able to rely on a 360-implementation team allows our Technology Experts to build an ERP solution that answers to a deep understanding of our client’s entire operation and requirements. This all leads to better user-acceptance, optimized processes in every segment, and increased value.

Read more about the advantages of an ERP system for PE Firms.

Don’t settle for a generic ERP solution.
LIDD delivers finely tailored systems that meet all of your operation and industry’s requirements.

Read Sean’s Bio

Sean Butler Partner
Sean Butler Partner

Sean Butler leads LIDD’s global Strategy Practice and firm-wide Sales & Marketing. Sean is an expert in the consumer products & retail industries.

At LIDD, Sean advises boards and executives on supply chain transformation, including strategies for the selection and implementation of new technologies, physical infrastructure, and organizational structures. His streamlined project management approach enables him to deliver on major projects that involve many of LIDD’s practices at once.

Prior to his career in consulting, Sean was instrumental in the design and scale of key innovations in the consumer products and retail industries. He served as Senior Vice President at meal kit company Chef’d, Head of Operations, Partnerships & Business Development at Purple Carrot, the leading plant-based meal kit brand, and in key leadership roles at LeanBox, the unattended workplace foodservice retailer.

Read Charles’s Bio

Charles Fallon President
Charles Fallon President

Charles has been working as a supply chain consultant since 1998. He has worked with clients at all levels of the supply chain, from manufacturers to retailers, in a wide array of industries including food, pharmaceuticals, garments and construction materials. He has extensive experience in supply chain strategy, technology, facility design & implementation and operations. Charles holds a bachelor’s degree in Mining Engineering from McGill University in Montreal. 

Read David’s Bio

David Beaudet Senior Partner
David Beaudet Senior Partner

David has worked on a wide range of logistics mandates across North America since 2004. He has been involved in network design, warehouse design and expansion, process re-engineering and the selection of warehouse management systems. His experience lies within all segments of the food industry, pharmaceuticals as well as industrial distribution. David holds a master’s degree in Logistics from HEC Montréal. 

Read Jean-Martin’s Bio

Jean-Martin Roux Senior Partner
Jean-Martin Roux Senior Partner

Jean-Martin has been a logistics applications and integration specialist since 2005 and helpclients throughout North America implement supply chain technology. He has worked with clients on all facets of their supply chain application park: Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Transportation Management Systems (TMS), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Jean-Martin holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from ETS Montreal.

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