LIDD & Dynamics365 Business Central: Taking Your Business Further

Great news: Sales are up, and demand is on the rise. As it is, your staff can barely keep up with the workload.

To make the best of the situation, you now need to scale your operation. But scaling can be a daunting task. It involves making significant changes to a business model that has a proven track record.

Don’t squander the results of your hard work.

Efficiently support your growing activities and minimize the impacts of scaling on your daily operations thanks to Microsoft Dynamics365 Business Central & LIDD’s technology experts.

Business Central is a robust ERP solution that fully adapts to the needs of your business. It boasts an impressive array of powerful functionalities right out of the box to support all your core business activities. Meanwhile, the Microsoft’s AppSource offers a vast range of easy to implement expansion modules for a business solution that meets your operation’s particular requirements.

With LIDD as your Microsoft Partner, you ensure that Business Central is optimally configured to streamline your activities and that the system’s implementation is achieved rapidly and seamlessly. Our certified Microsoft Experts know Business Central inside and out. With them on board, you and your teams benefit from the system’s full breadth of capabilities right from the start.

Trust LIDD’s Business Central Experts to:

  • Leverage the most recent technological innovations and rely on industry best practices 
  • Identify the functionalities that meet your operation’s requirements
  • Define user specific access and create intuitive dashboards for a truly efficient user interface
  • Train your employees and guide them through the transition for a seamless Go Live
  • Fully integrate Business Central with your software architecture and your partners’ systems
  • Streamline your business, warehousing, and processing operations
  • Enable you to make data driven business decisions by making the information that matters easy to access at any time, from anywhere  

LIDD & Dynamics365 Business Central help organisations connect their financials, sales, purchase, inventory, projects, services, and operations.


Reduce complexity. Bring down costs. Drive growth.

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Dynamics365 Business Central

Stay Connected to What Matters

Microsoft Dynamics365 Business Central (previously known as Dynamics NAV) is designed to help small and midsize organisations meet their core business needs.

This powerful Enterprise Resource Planner (ERP) offers tailored, industry focused solutions that embrace operations, manufacturing processes, warehousing activities, sales, marketing, CRM, field service, project service automation, analytics, and business intelligence.

With Business Central, you get an end-to-end view of your business that is dynamically updated to ensure that you can always rely on the right data to make informed decisions.  

Avoid Siloed Information

Siloed information and tribal knowledge lead to:

  • Waste of time and resources on monthly reconciliations.
  • Errors in report generation.
  • No identifiable source of truth.
  • Diminished productivity.

Business Central connects all your applications to one centralized database. No more switching back and forth between applications to get at the truth. Through just one interface, you get constant access to the right set of data so that you can make informed decisions.

Save time & money.

Make smarter business decisions.

Streamline Business Processes

Poorly integrated solutions:

  • Limit visibility into your operation and finances.
  • Hinder communication with partners and 3PLs.
  • Lead to poor user-acceptance.
  • Slow down business processes.

Business Central expands the Microsoft environment your employees know and trust. LIDD experts know how to achieve high levels of integration with your other systems to automate workflow and business processes.  


Connect your CRM, people, & processes with a single, unified solution.

Improve Inventory Management

Inaccurate inventory management leads to:

  • Difficulties in controlling material expenditures.
  • Higher rate of losses.
  • Lack of insight into product performance and overall status of inventory.

Business Central’s Inventory Management Module gives you an end-to-end view across your whole supply chain. Improve your inventory operations by making it easy to register new items, process BOMs, define item attributes, and maintain control over stocks.

Optimize your sales efforts thanks to accurate inventory data and predictive capabilities.

Drive Growth

Obsolete legacy software:

  • Slow down the workflow.
  • Impose a heavier workload on employees.
  • Increase IT costs.
  • Leave you with less resources and capital to drive growth.

Business Central automates business processes, fosters collaboration, improves productivity, and enables rapid business transformation through easy user adoption. Gain insight into sales opportunities thanks to the ERP’s predictive capabilities.


Leverage Business Central’s intelligence to reduce IT costs and increase revenues.

Business Central helps you make smarter decisions, streamline your operation, reduce operating costs, and use your resources to their full potential.

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Adapted to Your Needs

No two operations have the same requirements. 

The highly adaptable Dynamics365 Business Central makes it easy for companies to get the ERP system and the functionalities they need while keeping their IT budget under control.

Trust LIDD as your Microsoft Partner to implement Business Central and empower your employees to leverage the system’s capabilities from day one. With LIDD on board, Business Central will rapidly transform your operation, enable you to make better business decisions, and drive your business’ growth for years to come.     

Fully Integrates with Your Microsoft Environment

User-acceptance is key to the successful implementation of a new ERP.

By choosing Business Central, you rely on the same Microsoft environment your employees already know and trust, making it easier to ensure a successful transition.


Cost Effective Technology Solution

Business Central is an affordable ERP system that helps small and midsize companies cut down operating costs. LIDD provides Technology Services, including CID, to guarantee that the system is always optimized without taxing your IT budget.

Cloud-Based, On-Premises, or Both

Whether you operate from one site or many, Business Central has you covered. Find out what version best fits your business model with the help of LIDD’s Technology Experts. 


Real Business Intelligence

Good business leaders rely on solid instincts. The best, on the other hand, know to balance instincts with reliable insights.

Make better decisions: Leverage your data like never before thanks to Microsoft’s Business Intelligence.

You have worked hard to build a thriving business. Don’t let obsolete legacy software get in the way of your future success.

 Leverage Business Central and LIDD’s Microsoft Certified Experts and avail yourself of the technological solutions to efficiently support your operation and accelerate growth.

Reach Out to LIDD’s Business Central Experts

Read Jean-Martin’s Bio

Jean-Martin Roux Senior Partner
Jean-Martin Roux Senior Partner

Jean-Martin has been a logistics applications and integration specialist since 2005 and helpclients throughout North America implement supply chain technology. He has worked with clients on all facets of their supply chain application park: Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), Transportation Management Systems (TMS), Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Jean-Martin holds a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering from ETS Montreal.

Read Jason’s Bio

Jason Chance Senior Analyst
Jason Chance Senior Analyst

Jason has more than 10 years of experience in building and implementing processes that help optimize productivity, capacity and efficiency. He has led numerous projects focused on implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. He configured a number of warehouse/enterprise processes and led projects on eCommerce integration. Jason holds an MBA from Umass Amherst and BSc in Electrical Engineering from Tufts University. 

Read Amanda’s Bio

Amanda Mayer Director of Finance
Amanda Mayer Director of Finance

Amanda Mayer is LIDD’s Director of Finance and a Senior Analyst in LIDD’s Microsoft Dynamics Business Central consulting practice.

As Director of Finance, Ms. Mayer prepares the firm’s fiscal records and financial plans. She is responsible for the development of LIDD’s financial vision and strategy. Amanda advises the company’s partners on financial matters that affect the organization’s growth and capacity to provide clients world-class services.

As Senior Business Central Analyst, she advises companies on the proper implementation of their ERP system. Amanda’s expertise is especially valuable with regards to the ERP’s finance and operations capabilities. Her vast experience with the solution makes her well versed in the best practices that optimize Business Central’s performance.

Amanda’s exceptional administrative acumen, superior analytic rigor, and deep knowledge of fiscal law have led her to play a key role in helping corporations achieve due diligence, mergers & acquisitions, US GAAP compliance, and Annual Operating Plans.

A member of the Navision User Group (NAVUG) Advisory Board until recently, Ms. Mayer has established herself as an internationally recognized expert consultant for Microsoft’s ERP systems. At New View Strategies, where she acted as Owner and CFO, Amanda Mayer provided training, evaluation of business processes, and specialty consulting in finance to companies that run on Business Central.

Amanda Mayer holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Lakeland College, WI. She is a certified public accountant and member of the AICPA. She was awarded the NAVUG All Stars (2015), the NAVUG Ruby Award (2016), and the NAVUG Granite Award three times (2017, 2019, 2020).

Read Carie’s Bio

Carie Mathias Director
Carie Mathias Director

Carie Mathias is the Director of LIDD’s Continuous Improvement Desk. She is responsible for managing client relationships and oversees the work of LIDD employees dedicated to improving the efficiency of Microsoft Dynamic365 Business Central and other integrated solutions at the firm’s clients.

Carie has more than a decade of experience in project management and the implementation and integration of business software solutions. Before joining LIDD, she was Chief Information Officer at Lynco where she successfully implemented Business Central. Since her years at Bridgestone, starting in 2005, Carie has led numerous warehouse and enterprise systems integrations for organizations across various industries in North America.

She holds an Associate of Science Degree from the Muscatine Community College.