Deploy Build

  1. Update Dev and Test Solochain environnement to 8.12.20
  2. Split Upload management into sub codeunits
  3. Split Dispatcher Codeunit into independent sub codeunits for support.
  4. Job queue processing not validating item no.
  5. Wrong Source Type Name for Consumption Confirmation and Output Confirmation of Prod. Order in Staging Table
  6. Assembly Order Kitting Doubles expected output amount of Assembled Goods
  7. Lot No. Format in the MMSite Attribute Setup page is not working
  8. Lot Number Error
  9. LIDD Connect – Inbound & Outbound Staging Table does not have the option to archive records
  10. Purchase Order does not send purchase lines to Solochain from Business Central
  11. Purchase Order – Add LIDD Qty and LIDD Bse Qty fields to the PO
  12. To support Purchase Order items in QA Hold, add Original Location
  13. Add Notification to users when a new build of BC is launched of what is new
  14. Inbound Staging Processing (Multi-Thread), Archiving and decompression Segregation and improvements.
  15. ICA for a serialized item returns an error saying missing serial number when there is one in Staging List
  16. Staging Table Usability and visibility Improvements
  17. Add enhancement of Inventory Transfer between internal warehouses