A new reality for supply chains?

While some countries have begun to regain a sense of normalcy, the societal and economic effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are still disturbing supply chain operations all over the world.

In the food industry, for example, the impacts are felt at both ends of the supply chain. Grocery sales continue to soar, sending foodservice distributors in a race to enable their operations for home delivery before their competitors. Meanwhile, persisting travel restrictions are leaving farmers in the U.S. and Canada short of the necessary workforce to harvest produce in the fields, causing supply shortages and significant fluctuations in the average cost of groceries.

woman wearing a hard hat standing inside a warehouse

Retail, manufacturing, and distribution businesses in all industries must adapt their operation rapidly if they are to weather the storm and come out ahead. The question is: Just how deep should these supply chain transformations be? If, as some argue, the global landscape of supply chain operations is to be profoundly and permanently transformed once the crisis subsides, more significant capital projects may be warranted. But if the post-Covid reality is not altogether different from the one before the pandemic, less costly solutions that are easy and quick to implement may give an operation the edge over their competitors. Such a strategy will avoid further disruptions in the company’s activities and will maximize ROI in the short-term.

LIDD is here to support you.   

Since 2009, LIDD has established itself as a North American leader in supply chain consulting.

LIDD’s Supply Chain Strategy consulting services has helped numerous retail, distribution, and manufacturing companies maintain and optimize their supply chain. Our hands-on experience, multidisciplinary expertise, and ROI-focused approach enables companies to right-size their capital projects for operational and infrastructure transformations that increase productivity, provide the flexibility to explore new sales channels when they arise, and maximize returns short-term and long-term.

Now, you can leverage our knowledge of supply chain best practices to overcome today’s challenges. Reach out for a free consultation and ask one of our experts how LIDD can help you develop the best strategy to mitigate the impacts that Covid-19 is having on your retail, manufacturing, or distribution operation.

How we can help:

Make it a learning opportunity

Businesses whose activities have slowed down because of the pandemic can turn the situation to their advantage by putting the time to good use and investing in the continued education of their workforce.

LIDD offers online courses and expert led workshops on DC best practices and all aspects of supply chain management. Our designers, engineers, and technology specialists share their knowledge, experiences, and trade secrets to help companies leverage their current resources to optimize their operation and maximize throughput.

Make the best of the situation: make it an opportunity to learn and to improve your operation’s performance. Find out what courses are currently on offer.