A New Reality for Supply Chains

Every day we read about how Covid-19 is affecting supply chains. In the food industry, the impacts are widespread. Grocery sales are way up, with consumers spiking demand for many items like yeast and flour, not to mention toilet paper. Foodservice distributors are enabling their operations to provide home delivery. Food banks are struggling to meet the demand from recently unemployed individuals. Travel restrictions are forcing farmers in the U.S. and Canada to rethink their workforce for the coming season while meat processing plants are temporarily closing on account of Covid-19 outbreaks.   

The impacts of the pandemic on supply chains everywhere will continue to be felt for some time to come. To make it through the storm, businesses will have to adapt and develop long-term approaches that are both resilient and capital efficient.  

LIDD Is Here to Support You   

We feel it too: these are stressful times, and every day seems to come with a new lot of challenges. Let our experience in supply chain transformation help you face these challenges. Reach out and ask one of our experts how LIDD can support you in managing the impacts Covid-19 is having on your manufacturing or distribution operation.

Make it a Learning Opportunity

In the days following the shutdown of Québec’s economy on account of the Covid-19 crisis, the Québec government created the Programme Actions Concertées pour le Maintien en Emploi (PACME). This program aims to support businesses whose activities have suffered from the pandemic. With PACME, companies can obtain significant financial support towards the training and continuing education of their employees.

LIDD offers courses and expert led workshops on all aspects of supply chain management and optimisation. Our courses all aim to provide further training to warehouse workers and DC managers. As such, they qualify for the PACME program, which reimburses training fees up to $250,000.

Make the best of the situation: make it a learning opportunity to learn and to improve your operation’s performance.

LIDD at Work to Help Businesses During the Crisis

LIDD is working hard during the crisis to help its clients adapt to the circumstances and make the best of the situation. You can read about some of our most recent efforts below.

Rising to the Challenge:
Covid-19 and e-Commerce Demand

It is one thing to take online orders, quite another to rapidly fulfill them to customers’ satisfaction. And that is the real challenge: to quickly develop e-commerce fulfillment capacity to satisfy the customers’ expectations and increase the probability of retaining a larger proportion of online demand once the crisis subsides. Read More

Covid-19 & Travel Restrictions:
A Remote-Controlled Go-Live Session

With the American border closed to non-essential traveling, it would be impossible for LIDD’s team to be on-site on the day the WMS was scheduled to Go-Live. Delaying the launch was not an option, as pushing back the date would likely incur the very financial penalties we had been hired to help avoid. LIDD’s team had to come up with a solution to go live on time – and quick. Read More

How We Can Help

We offer services to help build capital efficient and resilient supply chains.

  • E-Commerce Optimization 
  • Workforce Planning 
  • Inventory Planning and SKU Rationalization 
  • Supply Chain Network Restructuring 

Here are some resources to keep you informed: