LIDD’s NetSuite Managed Services: Tailored to the Requirements of Retail and Consumer Products Companies

No two businesses are alike. That’s why, when it comes to your NetSuite system, there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution.

LIDD’s NetSuite Certified experts combine technological knowledge and supply chain expertise to develop intelligent, versatile, and integrated solutions that are tailored to your requirements.

Achieve meaningful productivity gains and significantly reduce your operating costs. Make our experts your internal resource to guarantee that your software architecture is always optimized for efficient operations.

The LIDD Difference: Much More Than NetSuite Experts

LIDD is a North American leader in supply chain management consulting.

Our NetSuite Managed Services are but one of the many ways in which we help retail, distribution, and manufacturing companies streamline their processes, optimize their physical and technological assets, and achieve greater ROI.

Services Based on Your Data

LIDD experts leverage millions of lines of your data to rigorously identify your requirements. They use this information to recommend NetSuite Managed Services that truly answer to your current and future needs.

End-to-End Supply Chain Expertise

Supply chain experts from various backgrounds analyse your operation to provide a clear picture of your business. Our Certified NetSuite experts then configure your ERP to support the full scope of your activities, helping you reach your business goals more rapidly.

LIDD Protects Your Capital

LIDD’s NetSuite Managed Services are built on a collaborative model that answers to your interests. Our experts always opt for actionable solutions that protect your capital and maximize ROI.

With LIDD’s NetSuite Managed Services, your business benefits from our ROI-focused framework, disciplined execution, and responsive project management.

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Not Getting What You Want from NetSuite?

LIDD Has Solutions.

More often than not, faulty implementation and insufficient training are to blame when NetSuite users are unable to benefit from the ERP’s full breadth of capabilities.

Whatever might be causing your frustrations, trust LIDD’s NetSuite Managed Services to help you unlock your ERP’s full potential.

Generating Truth

Do you find that:

  • Report generation often yields errors?
  • You are still closing the month with Excel spreadsheets?
  • You can’t figure out your one source of truth?

LIDD’s solutions:

Whatever the cause of your problems, LIDD experts implement solutions to give you access to NetSuite’s promised granular visibility into your finances: database management, training, systems integration, etc.

Keeping Up With NetSuite

Do you find that:

  • Your employees are still not using NetSuite systematically?
  • You never saw the benefits to NetSuite’s latest version?

LIDD’s solutions:

Our NetSuite Certified experts are your internal resource to keep your NetSuite system working at optimal levels.

Count on their experience to better train your employees and rapidly achieve greater user acceptance.

Intelligence Beyond Your Walls

Do you find that:

  • Your ‘procure-to-pay’ process is still done manually?
  • Your data differs from that of your eCommerce applications, providers, partners, or 3PLs?

LIDD’s solutions:

Benefit from supply chain expertise that extends well beyond NetSuite.

LIDD’s technology experts have extensive experience integrating customer-facing applications and third-party systems to achieve true omnichannel efficacy.

Staffing Your NetSuite Administration

Do you find that:

  • It is difficult to find and retain a qualified NetSuite Administrator?
  • Your admin’s competence does not extend beyond NetSuite itself?

LIDD’s solutions:

Make LIDD’s NetSuite Certified experts your internal resource for the administration of your ERP system and more.

Our experts will collaborate with your teams to ensure that your software architecture is well integrated and constantly adapted to your operation’s requirements.

Stop your employees from fighting with the system.

Let LIDD provide the technology solutions you need and get your business back on track towards excellence.

Make NetSuite a key component of your success.