Make it a Learning Opportunity  

In the days following the shutdown of Québec’s economy on account of the Covid-19 crisis, the Québec government created the Programme Actions Concertées pour le Maintien en Emploi (PACME). This program aims to support businesses whose activities have suffered from the pandemic. With PACME, companies can obtain significant financial support towards the training and continuing education of their employees.

LIDD offers courses and expert led workshops on all aspects of supply chain management and optimisation. Our courses all aim to provide further training to warehouse workers and DC managers. As such, they qualify for the PACME program, which reimburses training fees up to $250,000.

We have experts who will train your employees to better identify ways of increasing your storage capacity and of optimizing your picking activities within your current operation. LIDD’s I.T. specialists can empower your workforce to make better, more efficient use of your WMS. Our analysts can explain what KPIs you will need to properly assess your operation’s efficiency.

Make the best of the situation: make it a learning opportunity to learn and to improve your operation’s performance.

Courses on Offer at the Moment: 

Increasing Capacity & Throughput in Picking Operations 

This course teaches ways to change your basic pick-and-pack operation. The objective is to rapidly enable your operation to push more orders out the door with limited capital investments. 

At the end of this course, students will know how to: 

If your e-commerce orders have spiked since the onset of Covid-19 restrictions, there are some relatively easy actions you can take to increase your storage capacity and order throughput in the short-term. This course will help prepare your teams to make the best of the situation.  

KPIs in the Distribution Center 

This course identifies and teaches the KPIs needed to assess your operation’s efficiency. Learn how to measure and evaluate your labour’s performance, the use of your DC’s storage space, throughput, process quality, and the financial performance of your capital investments. 

Upon completion of this course, students will have been trained to identify and track the key metrics that determine a DC’s level of performance. Students will know how to: 


  • Courses are taught live online. 
  • Interaction and student participation are encouraged. 
  • Materials are articulated around examples and specific circumstances related to your operation.  
  • Courses are taught by LIDD experts.
  • Duration: to 6 hours. 
  • Schedules are flexible and adapted to the client’s needs.

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Read David’s Bio

David Beaudet Principal
David Beaudet Principal

David has worked on a wide range of logistics mandates across North America since 2004. He has been involved in network design, warehouse design and expansion, process re-engineering and the selection of warehouse management systems. His experience lies within all segments of the food industry, pharmaceuticals as well as industrial distribution. David holds a master’s degree in Logistics from HEC Montréal. 

Read Charles’s Bio

Charles Fallon President
Charles Fallon President

Charles has been working as a supply chain consultant since 1998. He has worked with clients at all levels of the supply chain, from manufacturers to retailers, in a wide array of industries including food, pharmaceuticals, garments and construction materials. He has extensive experience in supply chain strategy, technology, facility design & implementation and operations. Charles holds a bachelor’s degree in Mining Engineering from McGill University in Montreal. 

LIDD Experts

Courses will be given by supply chain veterans with more than 15 years of industry experience. They will cover both theory and advanced applications in real world situations.