Covid-19 & frontières closes: Lancement à distance d’un WMS.

Boxes and packed goods moving on conveyor belt inside a large distribution warehouse building, with plenty of cardboard boxes and goods stacked on pallets on the background. Industrial system for storage, distribution and delivery services. Blurred motion effect on foreground packages. Digitally generated image.

Within a few months, LIDD helped one of Korea’s largest food retailers build a sustainable new stream of revenue amidst a complex supply chain.

The new business integrated a rigorous supply chain process that is committed to keeping current with consumer trends. […]

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Creating a Meal Kit Business in Korea

sliced avocado, tomatoes, eggs, mushrooms, spring onions, chili, spinach and arugula on a chopping board

By Charles FallonJuly 2019 | 3 min read Our client is one of Korea’s largest food retailers operating convenience and grocery store formats as well as a network of distribution centers to support online retail. Supporting these offline and online channels, the company operates a complex supply chain including their own distribution and food production […]

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