Get the Most Out of Your NetSuite ERP System With LIDD

Whether your company is already running Oracle NetSuite or considers implementing this powerful business solution, make LIDD your Official NetSuite Partner to unleash the full potential of the ERP’s capabilities.

Achieve meaningful productivity gains and significantly reduce your operating costs. LIDD’s NetSuite Certified Experts combine their deep technical knowledge of the ERP system and their rich supply chain expertise to develop intelligent, versatile, and integrated solutions.

Count on LIDD experts to lead effective agile implementations with aggressive deadlines to deliver solutions quickly and generate rapid return on investment. LIDD also provides technical support, leads training sessions, and sees to the ERP’s continuous development.

LIDD’s NetSuite Services are delivered on a core of NetSuite’s cloud platform and SaaS applications. These services include:

warehouse design

NetSuite in a Nutshell

NetSuite is the world’s most popular cloud-based ERP system—if you are not familiar with cloud-based technology, you can read more about it here.

This ERP system has been developed over the past 20 years by Oracle to efficiently support and streamline all activities and processes essential to the modern company’s success. Its modules and capabilities include:

  • Accounting and Financials
  • Customer Relation Management (CRM) and Customer Support
  • Sales Force Automation (SFA)
  • Human Resource Management (HRM)
  • Production and Inventory Management
  • Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
  • Native eCommerce Platform
  • Integrated Email Marketing Features
  • Etc.

NetSuite’s many features make it a powerful and highly customizable “all in one” ERP system suitable for small and mid size companies. Meanwhile, its rich offering of add-on modules make it is easy to adapt to your industry’s specific requirements.

You can read more about the advantages of an “all in one” ERP system here.

Why You Should Make LIDD Your Partner on Your Way to Success

Your business is unique. That’s why, when it comes to ERP systems, there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution. So that it may be tailored exactly to your needs, NetSuite is capable of countless configurations. However, without a deep technical knowledge of the system, that flexibility often leads to poor implementation and a frustrating user experience.

Ensure NetSuite’s success in your organization by relying on LIDD. Our Certified NetSuite Experts know the ERP’s full breadth of capabilities and work with a precise understanding of your industry, your business, its needs, and your strategic vision.

Much More Than NetSuite Experts

LIDD is a leader in supply chain management consulting.

LIDD’s NetSuite Services are an important part of the services that the firm provides to distribution, manufacturing, and retail companies to help them streamline their processes, optimize their physical and technological infrastructure, and achieve greater ROI.

Our team of NetSuite experts also includes CPAs. Their expertise help make LIDD your best ally when it comes to business and finance applications. With LIDD as your NetSuite partner, you can rest assured that your systems achieve regulatory compliance and that your company benefits from knowledgeable tax and audit advice.

Services Based on Your Data

LIDD experts leverage millions of lines of your data to rigorously identify your requirements. They use this information to configure NetSuite and select modules and applications that truly answer to your current and future needs.

End-to-End Supply Chain Expertise

Supply chain experts from various backgrounds analyse your operation to provide a clear picture of your business. Our Certified NetSuite Experts then configure your ERP to support the full scope of your activities, helping you reach your business goals more rapidly.

LIDD Protects Your Interests

LIDD’s services are built on a collaborative model that answers to our clients’ interests. No “top-down solutions”. Our experts always opt for actionable solutions that protect your capital and maximize ROI.

A Capital-Protective Approach

Our focus is on aligning your ERP system with your business’ unique strategic objectives. At all times, we focus on helping you maximize your operation’s potential and achieve rapid growth. Our ROI-focused framework, disciplined execution, and responsive project management safeguards your capital against bad investments.

Our projects usually begin with a rigorous audit of our client’s operation and software architecture. Working in close collaboration with our clients’ teams, we then develop detailed digital transformation roadmaps that specify the project’s overall plan and budget as well as identify triggers and milestones that signal opportunities for further investments in your technological infrastructure.

Thanks to years of experience with NetSuite and supply chain environments, our analysts recommend actionable solutions that protect you from “theoretical solutions” that too often risk being ineffective and costly to implement.

Whenever possible, LIDD aims for the early delivery of customer ownership. To that end, future-users are included in the project’s realization from the very early stages and trained by our experts to use the system’s capabilities. Doing so fosters greater familiarity with the solution when it goes live and significantly reduces the time needed for NetSuite to perform optimally.

The result?
Our clients benefit more quickly from NetSuite’s support, which leads to faster returns on value and better ROI.

Seamless Software and Application Integration

LIDD’s services include the integration of solutions, applications, and systems with NetSuite. Our partnerships with many leading application providers give LIDD the advantage when helping clients scale their operation and achieve true omni-channel efficacy—discover some of our key partnerships here.

Our Technology Experts excel in the integration of applications and third-party systems via APIs and EDI solutions such as TrueCommerce and SPS Commerce. Companies operating in the Food & Beverage industry are especially well served by LIDD Connect, a proprietary API solution that bridges and expands the capabilities of NetSuite and Solochain, a powerful WMS from Generix—discover the advantages of LIDD Connect here.

While LIDD is proud of its many partnerships with some of the very best solution providers, our practice nonetheless remains customer centric. In every case, our software and application recommendations are solely driven by our client’s preferences and best interests.

NetSuite Managed Services: Support and Continuous Improvement

Our certified NetSuite experts provide a range of technical support and continuous improvement services adapted to your needs. Acting as though they were part of your team, their services include:

Our clients can always count on our teams’ pre-emptive support to identify newly developed solutions adapted to their needs.

Read more about the advantages of LIDD’s NetSuite Managed Services here.


Lee acerca de Charles

Charles Fallon President
Charles Fallon President

Charles cuenta con una amplia trayectoria como consultor de la cadena de suministro desde 1998. Ha trabajado con clientes en todos los niveles de la cadena de suministro, desde productores y fabricantes hasta distribures minoristas, y en toda una gama de industrias incluyendo alimentación, farmacéuticos, vestuario y materiales de construcción. Su experiencia lo destaca como experto en estrategia, operaciones y tecnologías aplicadas a la cadena de suministro y en el diseño e implementación de almacenes y centros de distribución. Charles es Ingeniero de Minas de McGill University en Montreal.

Lee acerca de Sean

Sean Butler Director
Sean Butler Director

Sean Butler es el Director a cargo de la oficina de LIDD en Los Ángeles. Dirige las prácticas de la Cadena de Demanda y de Estrategia de LIDD. Sean se destaca como experto en las industrias de productos de consumo y venta al detal.

En LIDD, Sean asesora las juntas directivas y a ejecutivos sobre la reorganización de la cadena de suministro, incluidas las estrategias para la selección e implementación de nuevas aplicaciones de T.I., centros de distribución, tercerización de actividades logísticas y estructuras organizacionales. Sean también se dedica a identificar opciones para adquisiciones y fusiones, y a gestionar la integración eficiente de las cadenas de suministro. Sean asesora a grandes empresas de productos de consumo empacados y a distribuidores minoristas sobre procesos e integración organizacional con empresas incipientes, como subsidiarias y/o socios comerciales.

Antes de su carrera como consultor, Sean trabajó en el diseño y puesta en marcha de innovaciones en las industrias de productos de consumo y distribuidores minoristas. Sean fue Vicepresidente Senior en la compañía de kits de comidas Chef’d, Jefe de Operaciones, Asociaciones y Desarrollo de Negocios en Purple Carrot, la marca líder de kits de comidas a base de plantas, y en cargos a nivel gerencial en LeanBox, el minorista de servicios de alimentos en el lugar de trabajo .

Sean tiene BS en Finanzas de Fordham University.

Lee acerca de Ben

Ben Vanderbeek Director
Ben Vanderbeek Director

Ben tiene más de 10 años de experiencia liderando equipos de tecnología de información, con numerosas implementaciones e integraciones del software de planificación de recursos empresariales (ERP) de NetSuite en compañías de comercio electrónico, distribución y fabricación de productos. Ben dirige la práctica de ERP en LIDD, incluyendo la gestión de proyectos para implementar Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP e integraciones con el Sistema de Ejecución de Manufactura Generix Solochain (MES) y con el Sistema de Gestión de Almacenes (WMS). Ben tiene un título en Ciencias de la Computación de California State University Long Beach y es también Administrador de NetSuite y Consultor de NetSuite ERP certificado.

Lee acerca de Emilio

Emilio Colangelo Director
Emilio Colangelo Director

Emilio Colangelo is a Director based in LIDD’s Montreal office and a leader in LIDD’s NetSuite and strategy practices. He is responsible for developing integrated supply chain strategies, managing client relationships, and overseeing the work of LIDD employees dedicated to NetSuite’s configuration, implementation, and integration.

Since joining LIDD in 2016, Emilio has worked with leading US & Canadian companies in the Food & Beverage, eCommerce, Publishing, Manufacturing and 3PL Logistics industries. His consulting experience spans a wide range of mandates including physical infrastructure design, supply chain software selection & implementation, and S&OP process design.

Emilio’s attention to detail and his multi-practice consulting background have repeatedly helped clients achieve meaningful operations transformations. His ability to build close relationships within client organizations from executive leadership to front-line management has been proven at multinationals and quickly growing start-ups. As a director, Emilio leverages his experience to engineer processes and develop fine-tuned NetSuite solutions to align clients’ operations with their vision.

Emilio holds a B.Eng. in Industrial Engineering from Concordia University. In addition to his experience at LIDD, Emilio worked at one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies and for a Big4 consulting firm.

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