Integrating eCommerce Into Your Existing Distribution Center

Though it has existed for at least twenty years by now, e-commerce continues to force innovation in the way manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers operate. Some companies are just now starting to add e-commerce to their operations. Take, for example, a manufacturer who has shipped wholesale orders to large retailers for decades who is now being […]

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Optimizing Your Distribution Network: Calculating True Capacity in Warehouse Design

interior of a warehouse with rows of racks that holds pallets of boxes and a forklift

ABOUT THE AUTHOR David Beaudet has been helping companies make better distribution infrastructure decisions since 2004. His consulting experience spans many industries including food, pharmaceuticals, apparel and spare parts.  He is a regular speaker on topics relating to distribution centre design. Capacity is one of the most fundamental concepts in a warehouse’s design. But what […]

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Third Party Logistics (3PL) Selection

row of parked delivery trucks

Should We Outsource Distribution? Outsourcing distribution and order fulfilment activities is a major decision. Third-party logistics firms (3PLs) provide many advantages, but their performance will directly and significantly impact your customers’ experience. It is imperative to find a 3PL who will approach your operations with the same level of care as you do. For companies […]

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LIDD Toronto Brokerage’s Jesse Micak Cited in Inside Logistics’ Publication

Inside Logistics, formerly known as Materials Management & Distribution (MM&D), columnist Emily Atkins recently spoke with Jesse Micak, Principal at LIDD Toronto Brokerage. They discuss the historically low vacancy rates in the GTA’s industrial real estate landscape and the various solutions that companies are implementing in order to protect capital. Read the full article below […]

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Lessons Learned when doing a Warehouse Lease Renewal

warehouse lease renewal

Earlier this year, we partnered with a 100,000 sq. ft. lawn and garden distributor to evaluate the merits of extending the lease in their current facility versus relocating to another. The requirements for this distributor were basic, and with some capital investment they could relocate without too much disruption. For LIDD, this assignment was straight-forward: […]

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Know the 2 Types of Industrial Real Estate Landlords

Within the industrial real estate landscape, there are two types of landlords: Institutional Landlords (pension funds; REITs; chartered banks; etc.) Entrepreneurial Landlords (Steve from New Jersey; the Smith family from Woodbridge) Just like there are good tenants and bad tenants, there are good landlords and bad landlords. However, these two groups of landlords have different […]

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